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We are thankful to our sponsors, partners and collaborators for helping us in building such a strong academic network.Berlin Science Talk wouldn't have been such a big platform without the constant support from our partners and sponsors.


  Microsoft Berlin, The Digital Eatery

Microsoft Berlin, The Digital Eatery

The Digital Eatery is located on the ground floor of Microsoft Berlin and is open daily for our visitors. Cafe, co-working, gaming and digital lifestyle merge into the digital Eatery to an experimental meeting point for all those who are enthusiastic about technology.
Microsoft Digital Eatery plays a big role in the growth of Berlin science Talk platform. A non-profit based science talk initiative would not be possible without an event space. All the members and well wishers of BST are thankful to Microsoft Digital Eatery for sponsoring us the event space.



TEDxHUBerlin is providing a platform for faculty, alumni, and students of Humboldt University of Berlin, as well as members of the greater Berlin community to share their inspirations and ideas. We don't just bring people from different fields together; we provide them with the support they need to facilitate cross-field intuition and interaction. TEDx HUBerlin is an opportunity to gain insights into the many directions of modern innovation - giving participants a greater understanding of the process towards the next great idea.
Like a TEDx initiative, Berlin Science talk is all about ideas and spreading these ideas to the community, and bringing the community together. TEDxHU and Berlin Science talk, mutually supports each other in spreading the word using social media platforms and word of mouth.

  10,000 Data Scientists for Europe

10,000 Data Scientists for Europe

10,000 Data Scientists for Europe has the mission of finding and empowering new talent as rapidly as possible: 10,000 Data Scientists and Machine Learners capable of designing and producing the data-driven products of the 21st century. Currently, we run workshops with PhDs interested in Data & AI careers, and also support CV re-writing and job search, which you can find at eventbrite. Early 2019, we launch a community for PhDs and Postdocs seeking impact in industry and startups, and you can join us at Facebook

  Indian Students in Germany

Indian Students in Germany

www.indianstudentsgermany.org is a project initiated by the Embassy of India in Berlin (Germany) and in association with various student associations of Germany with the goal of facilitating open communication and sharing of information across all the Indian students and student organizations in Germany. The primary goals of the project include: 1) Encourage dissemination and sharing of information regarding issues including, but not limited to student visa, job opportunities, cultural events, scholarships etc 2) Provide suitable emergency contacts for the Indian students in Germany 3) Connect potential employers (in India and Germany) with Indian students for job/internship opportunities



INTRVU is an Independent Advisory focusing on Admissions, Career (Jobs & Internships), Institutional, and Entrepreneurial services.They with prospective students, job seekers, institutions and entrepreneurs and help them achieve their career and business goals through our proven frameworks, processes and methodologies. They work with their clients on individual basis and leverage their proprietary products, services, insights and frameworks to equip their clients with unique insights and give them an edge in the competitive landscape.

  Indian Students' Association Berlin

Indian Students' Association Berlin

Indian Students Association, Berlin (ISAB) is a group for exchanging information and helping each other. The group is withal connected with several similar associations in Germany as a part of substantial students' network. We also organize student events like workshop and social activities to bring everyone together. We hope the group will assist in solving your difficulties in Berlin and will be helpful in enjoying the city at its best.


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Jonas Schuba

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Yunha Hwang

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Initiate "Science Talk" at your city

In today's world of collaborative research, its just not enough to be “good” at science, but, it is equally important to be strongly connected to other researchers in our vicinity. A well connected academic network is like a two-edged sword. Firstly, it helps propagate ideas among the researchers, and secondly, it makes space for more information to reach the individuals new to this field.
Most often, we discover that due to poor communication and networking, the same problems continue to persist from one "batch" of researchers to the next. And, not surprisingly, most of them can be solved just by speaking and exchanging ideas with each other.
So, through “Science Talks”, we can create platforms where everyone shares, and learns together.

Please register your city, and let the talks begin!!!


Go for Science - an ocean of opportunities

It’s said that “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”. However, most often, the gap between the two becomes difficult to bridge due to a dearth of platforms that can provide necessary information regarding opportunities available in terms of PhD positions, scholarships, academic jobs, etc. Consequently, Go for Science was launched as a platform in order to overcome this very gap. It provides a unique and exciting blend of information regarding scholarships, PhD positions, etc. and first hand experiences of scholarship holders and students pursuing higher studies across the globe. In other words, GfS ensures that potential young talents not only get sufficient knowledge about opportunities (such as scholarships, PhD positions, internships, etc) “straight out of the books”, but also get a feeling of “real life experiences” that students share on the website.

As of now, quite a number of students have already benefitted from GfS’s plethora of information regarding opportunities in scientific research, and have set out towards achieving their dreams. Therefore, looking at the overwhelming response from students, it aims to further expand its knowledge base, not only in terms of providing information regarding scholarships etc, but also enriching it with several first hand experiences of students.